During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through enormous changes and many women often experience aches and pains as the body tries to adapt.

The whole body has to accommodate the increasing weight and size of the expanding uterus resulting in alterations to posture. This can sometimes result in backache, neck ache, shoulder pain, aching and swollen legs, heartburn, difficulty sleeping and general fatigue. If the mother has existing problems from past accidents or previous back problems it may be harder to make these compensatory changes causing further pain or discomfort.

The hormones of pregnancy cause the ligaments of the whole body to soften to allow the bones of the pelvis to separate to accommodate the baby’s head during childbirth. However, this softening means that any part of the body is more prone to strain during pregnancy. Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can help the body adapt to any stresses and ease any existing strains or discomfort, making pregnancy more comfortable.

picture of pregnant women